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 == Description ==

This is a multi rss reader widget plugin. Please take advantage of this to display on sidebar.

Each widget can have multi url of rss, and show mearged rss topic order by date.

You can customize each settings (such as url's , number of articles , number of chars ..) at widget page of apparence.

You can also customize common layout of rss articles at setting's submenu (adapted to all "multi rss reader" widgets).      

== Installation ==

  1. Upload Multi-RSS-Reader folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to setting page and customize your admin panel
 please initialize and save layout at admin page (ver 0.8.1 under)

= Functions =

the functions are below.
1. Display multi rss sorted order by date(3 layout type).
2. Each widget has own urls.
3. Customize common rss topics's layout at setting's submenu.
4. This plugin uses SimplePie so that it can handle atom , rss 1.0/2.0 .
5. Also display images.  
6. Automatic delete PR RSS(match word can edit at setting page.


== Screenshots ==

demo is running at right side bar →.

1.  running image(3 layout type).MultiRSSReaderscreenshot-1   2. Append url at widget page.   MultiRSSReaderscreenshot-2
3. Edit common layout at setting page.MultiRSSReaderscreenshot-3

== Changelog ==


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